Allow Python code callouts with mod_include (SSI).

         Key: MODPYTHON-104
     Project: mod_python
        Type: New Feature
  Components: core  
    Reporter: Graham Dumpleton

The mod_include module supporting server side includes (SSI), provides a means 
of registering new element tags which trigger callouts to other code in 
separate Apache modules. This is used for example in mod_perl to allow Perl 
language code to be used with server side includes:

 <!--#perl sub="MySSI::remote_host" -->

  <!--#perl arg="Hello" arg="SSI" arg="World"
         sub="sub {
                  my($r, @args) = @_;
                  print qq(@args);

An equivalent feature for Python was previously asked about on the mailing list 
back in 2004:

Since it seems entirely reasonable that such integration of mod_python and 
mod_include would be possible, thought it would be good to log it as a possible 
new feature.

Because of SSI's support for basic conditionals, includes and other callout 
mechanisms, would be a good quick and dirty way of doing templating without 
having to resort to PSP, or other high level templating systems.

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