A new mod_python 3.2.6 beta tarball is now available for testing. Nicolas has built windows versions for Python 2.4 and Python 2.3 which should also be available at www.modpython.org/dist shortly.

This release is similar to 3.2.5b but fixes a couple of issues - MODPYTHON-95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 105, 106.

I think if we get enough +1 votes for this version on python-dev that we should jump right to a 3.2.6 final release rather than go to a wider beta release.

So far we have:

+1 Linux Debian sid, apache 2.0.55 (mpm-prefork), python 2.3
+1 Linux Debian sarge, apache 2.0.54 (mpm-worker), python 2.3
+1 Windows XP, python 2.4
+1 Windows 2000, python 2.3
+1 Mac OS X 10.3, Apache 2.0.55, python 2.3

Here are the rules:

In order for a file to be officially announced, it has to be tested by
developers on the dev list. Anyone subscribed to this list can (and
should feel obligated to :-) ) test it, and provide feedback *to _this_
 list*! (Not the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list, and preferably not me

The files are (temporarily) available here:


Please download it, then do the usual

$ ./configure --with-apxs=/wherever/it/is
$ make
$ (su)
# make install

Then (as non-root user!)

$ cd test
$ python test.py

And see if any tests fail. If they pass, send a +1 to the list, if they
fail, send the details (the versions of OS, Python and Apache, the test
output, and suggestions, if any).

Thank you,
Jim Ga

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