Michel Jouvin wrote:
0 : HP Tru64, mpm-worker

In fact 3.2.6b runs as 3.2.5b. Basically in real context it works except the fact that after a segfault in the Apache child or a signal received other than TERM or USR1, it doesn't reinitialize properly and forbid proper reinitialization of the new Apache child (I already sent mails about that, may be I need to fill it in in the bug database ?).

Hi Michel,

I went back and looked at the previous thread and it was left hanging.
Not having access to a Tru64 machine and being unable to reproduce the problem on another platform does present a challenge. The differences between 3.2.5b and 3.2.6 are minor so it's not a suprise that you are still seeing the same problem. The good news is that a potential segfault condition was fixed so at least you are slightly less likely to exercise your particular bug.

It would be best to create a new JIRA issue so that the bug doesn't get lost in the mailing list again. Log your issue at http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MODPYTHON.


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