Roy T. Fielding wrote:
It looks like mod_python is making good progress and everyone
is collaborating in the Apache way of testing and voting.
That's great!

Unfortunately, I have almost no insight into who these great people
are that are doing the RM task and testing and voting and preparing
for a next release.  That's not so great, since it is my job (as
VP of Apache HTTP Server Project) to be sure that the ASF knows all
this work is being done in its name and so that all of the people
doing it are appropriately recognized for their work.

So, please, take a few moments to decide amongst yourselves who
should have binding votes on mod_python (i.e., who has earned it),
keeping in mind that you need at least three binding +1 votes in
order to make any release at Apache, and send me a list of names
and email addresses of those people so that I can properly
record them in our records.

I vote that Grisha gets all three votes. Benevolent dictatorship is the Python way, after all.

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