Nicolas Lehuen wrote:
We should also agree that if we do do a 3.2.7 what will be fixed in it
and this time set a strict time frame on how long we let it be tested.
Do we leave it at stat.ST_MTIME, or also add the connection handler
fix as well if we are happy with that? Is a "b" designation needed or
are we happy to try from a real release candidate again?

Well, it's my fault if we need a 3.2.7, so I might as well swallow
back my previous rambling about a 3.2.6 release and let you integrate
your fix for connection handlers. This time I'm the one to blame for
the delay.

If we are going to do a 3.2.7, let's just do it. Either spend a couple of days debating the merits of 3.2.7 or a couple of days *testing* it. :)

My list for 3.2.7
 connection handler fix so it passes the unit tests
 stat.ST_MTIME fix
 enumerate fix for 2.2 compatibility

I don't think we need a beta, as the connection handler change is small, and I doubt many people are using the feature in the first place. The complaints with 3.2.6 were that it failed a unit test, not that the conn_read is broken.

Certainly *everyone* is itching to start work on 3.3, so let's push forward on 3.2.7 and an official release shortly thereafter. I need to run right now but I'll have time to roll a tarball later today.


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