Very interesting. I'll only comment on one issue right now.

Daniel J. Popowich wrote ..
>   o suprise...I'd like to try to sell mpservlets for
>     inclusion in the main distro.  No tears if it's not, but I think
>     it fills a void and I'd like to make a case for its inclusion.

I concur that a servlet based approach is certainly just as viable an
approach as any other. I also know that the opinion of some in the past
(no names) has been against adding more higher level framework like
layers. Personally I feel there is a sort of middle ground and I have my
own grand plan whereby a more componentised approach to handlers may
mean that supporting a servlet based approach is a logical extension to
that idea. Although this may still mean that adding in mpservlets as is
might not be appropriate, it wouldn't mean that one could not provide an
equivalent servlet like handler component which would achieve the same
end. Thus your experience from implementing and using mpservlets
could be very valuable in the context of what I have in mind. Thus am
sure I will have discussions about all this again at some point.

Anyway, my ideas can't come to fruition until the module importing
system is fixed. Thus, one step at a time, the first being to get 3.2.7
over and done with. :-)

Thanks for the detailed feedback.


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