Graham Dumpleton wrote:
Jim Gallacher wrote ..

It is because you probably have a prefork/worker MPM.

The test as written will only reliably work for winnt MPM.

Doh! Prefork bites us in the a** yet again. :)

On UNIX boxes
the subsequent requests could be handled by a different child process.
The configuration as to how many servers to start is:


Does that make sense, or did I miss something.

Yes, that makes sense. Testing it now.

I can't seem to get the publisher_cache test to work for mpm-prefork, and I'm thinking it may not be possible to do so for the test as it's currently conceived. I don't see any way that we can guarantee that the
same child process will serve each request in this test. Perhaps someone
else can take a look before my head explodes.

Bar run httpd in single process mode, ie., -X / -DONE_PROCESS options,
am not sure how you could get close to a reliable test for all configurations.
I already figured it was too hard and why I suggested that the test simply be
removed, or at least be disabled for now until we have a better idea.

I missed that, so I guess I need to pay more attention. I think at this point disabling it make the most sense. Doing so now.


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