Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy wrote:

On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, Daniel J. Popowich wrote:

Could we run mod_python on's site, like, say, the current version? ;-)

We could ask again, but last time the answer was no, and I tend to agree.

Also agree.

But I also understand that we have Solaris servers on which zones can be created where we could run our own httpd.

Now *that* would be cool. WRT Apache infrastructure I wonder why the message from Justin Erenkrantz has not shown up on list? Is Justin subscribed? I'll cc his message to the list in a separate email.

But it always comes back to the same point - running a nice website takes a lot of time and effort (possibly more than it takes to actually develop mod_python), and until there is someone ready to create and maintain content and run the site and the code on it, there is no point in going there.

I didn't intend to start a big debate on a website redesign. I just want to make some changes in how the content is currently managed so that we can get information up in a more timely manner without pushing any work on to Grisha. I do think the project would be well served by making some website improvements though, and I'm willing to spend some time to that end. I'm not too concerned about the amount of time required to maintain the content. It's not like this is a fast moving project where we need to update the website on a daily basis. ;)

My inclination is to use a simple layout - top banner + 2 columns. It may be boring but it makes navigation easy and we avoid the headache of browser compatibility that comes with complicated layouts, and focus our time and energy on the content.


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