On 15/02/2006, at 5:29 PM, Nicolas Lehuen wrote:


I've built Apache 2.2 and tested mod_python SVN trunk with it.

The two register_cleanup tests fail. Apparently it's because the test
code registers a cleanup function giving the current request as
parameter. Of course when the cleanup function is called, the request
object is no longer valid, and Apache segfaults.

Fixing this is only a matter of fixing the test code, yet I wonder how
this code could properly run on Apache 2.0.55. Maybe the request
object was not properly destroyed and this has been fixed in Apache
2.2 ?

This also shows that we should document the fact that the current
request object should not be passed directly or indirectly to the
*.register_cleanup functions. Maybe we could implement  a little test
in those function to make sure it is not passed directly ?

Those two failures aside, the rest of the tests are OK.

I have had a quick go on Mac OS X with Apache 2.2 and SVN trunk and
I get test_global_lock failing. Will have to wait until tomorrow for me to
look at it further.


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