2006/2/15, Jim Gallacher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Nicolas Lehuen wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've built Apache 2.2 and tested mod_python SVN trunk with it.
> >
> > The two register_cleanup tests fail. Apparently it's because the test
> > code registers a cleanup function giving the current request as
> > parameter. Of course when the cleanup function is called, the request
> > object is no longer valid, and Apache segfaults.
> >
> > Fixing this is only a matter of fixing the test code, yet I wonder how
> > this code could properly run on Apache 2.0.55. Maybe the request
> > object was not properly destroyed and this has been fixed in Apache
> > 2.2 ?
> The tests pass as-is on Debian linux, so this seems to be Win32 specific.
> Jim
 Yet there is no way it should pass anywhere : the test is de facto
using an old request object during the shutdown of the server. Either
this old request object is still valid, and we have to ask ourselves
why it hasn't be properly destroyed, or the old request object isn't
valid and we are just lucky under Linux and unlucky under Win32.

BTW, I've launched the debugger and Apache segfaults when
dereferencing the request object to get its server object, during an
ap_log_rerror() call.


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