Graham Dumpleton wrote:
Jim Gallacher wrote ..

WRT to 3.2.9, I've been bogged down with other stuff and will likely be
fairly busy this week as well. How be we aim for a release somewhere around April 22? I'd like to sort out why the apache 2.2 auth test fails on some platforms before the release. It's a defect in the test I'm sure, but I don't think we should make a release when failing tests.

In terms of the list we drew up, what still needs to be done? Has
anything new come up since that we should also consider?

I can help progress things a bit, although stuff like these logging
additions would prefer someone else to do purely so they get reviewed by
someone else in the process to ensure I didn't stuff up.

Here is the list of things I still need to backport. Fixes have already been committed to trunk.

  The Simplified GIL Aquisition patches.

 Support for optional mod_ssl functions on request object.

  Make mutex directory configurable.

  Make number of mutex locks configurable at apache startup

Add req.server.get_options() for obtain PythonOption values set at global level.

   Improved FieldStorage

The backports shouldn't take more than an hour and I can likely get to them tommorow. I'd do it now but my head is not entirely clean (too sleepy) so I'd better wait until morning.

That just leaves the review and backporting of the logging stuff, and deciding if we need to worry about the auth test failure issue for apache 2.2.

Once we sort those out I'll be able to roll a tarball that we can offer as a release candidate. I'm heading out of town on Thursday so if I don't get to it by then it'll have to wait until next Monday.


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