OK Graham, this fixed the req.auth_type() error, great :).

Now everything passes except for a segfault in the server-side include tests, I'll try to do a debug build of mod_python in order to get stack traces.


2006/4/13, Graham Dumpleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Can you check out latest code from trunk in subversion and retest to
see if problem has gone away. I have made the req_auth_type and
req_requires tests both a bit more exact/resilient whereas before
they left out things which otherwise might need to be present in
a properly crafted handler which made use of such features.

Let me know if things look better and I will back port req_requires
changes to 3.2.x branch.



Graham Dumpleton wrote ..
> Graham Dumpleton wrote ..
> > What is interesting now is that when doing that, I note that on Mac OS
> > X there are some worrying error messages which follow that:
> >
> > [Thu Apr 13 11:09:37 2006] [error] Internal error: pcfg_openfile() called
> > with NULL filename
> > [Thu Apr 13 11:09:37 2006] [error] [client ] (9)Bad file descriptor:
> > Could not open password file: (null)
> >
> > A bit of checking though suggests that that is from test_req_requires.
> >
> > I'll dig into these latter errors, maybe they might help to uncover
> > something.
> The reason for the above errors is that the req_requires configuration
> is in practice probably wrong. The configuration for the test is:
>             c = VirtualHost("*",
>                         ServerName("test_req_requires"),
>                         DocumentRoot(DOCUMENT_ROOT),
>                         Directory(DOCUMENT_ROOT,
>                                   SetHandler("mod_python"),
>                                   AuthName("blah"),
>                                   AuthType("basic"),
>                                   Require("valid-user"),
>                                   AuthBasicAuthoritative("Off"),
>                                   PythonAuthenHandler("tests::req_requires"),
>                                   PythonDebug("On")))
> By saying:
>                                   AuthType("basic"),
> you are literally saying that it should be passed to provider for "Basic"
> authentication, but in doing that no AuthFile directive has been supplied
> and so it is obviously going to fail. Apache 2.2 is probably at fault for
> not giving better error messages.
> To fix the problem, it should be set to anything but "basic" or "digest".
>                                   AuthType("dummy"),
> In your original email you said your problem was with the auth_type test.
>   I've tested with and without the new importer on Windows XP SP2 +
>   Python 2.4.2 + Apache 2.2.0 and everything works except the
>   test_req_auth_type test, which signals a 500 error.
> Are you sure it was the auth_type test and not the req_requires test
> that immediately follows?
> Graham

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