Cool. I said the correct thing in the JIRA issue, but then did the wrong
thing in the code. :-)

From JIRA.

  Note that ap_log_cerror() was only introduced during Apache 2.0.55.
  As a result, if an older version of Apache is used than that, instead of
  using ap_log_cerror(), it would use ap_log_error() and use
  req.connection.base_server as the server to log against. In doing this,
  the client information wouldn't be displayed though. 


On 05/11/2006, at 7:12 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Author: jgallacher
Date: Sat Nov  4 12:12:40 2006
New Revision: 471255

Fixed conn_log_cerror for apache < 2.0.55 (ie AP_MAGIC less than 20020903.10).
This function falls back to ap_log_error for earlier apache versions,
but was passing conn->server instead of conn->base_server as an argument.
(There is no conn_rec->server element).


Modified: httpd/mod_python/trunk/src/connobject.c
--- httpd/mod_python/trunk/src/connobject.c (original)
+++ httpd/mod_python/trunk/src/connobject.c Sat Nov  4 12:12:40 2006
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@
 #if AP_MODULE_MAGIC_AT_LEAST(20020903,10)
         ap_log_cerror(APLOG_MARK, level, 0, self->conn, "%s", message);
-        ap_log_error(APLOG_MARK, level, 0, self->conn->server, "%s", message);
+        ap_log_error(APLOG_MARK, level, 0, self->conn->base_server, "%s", message);

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