Jorey Bump wrote:
Jim Gallacher wrote:
The mod_python 3.3-0-dev-20061109 tarball is available for testing.

As this is a minor version bump, is there a link to the changelog so we know what new behaviour to expect/test?

Take a look at doc-html/app-changes-from-3.2.10.html in the tarball.

I'd say the biggest thing is the new importer, which is not compatible with python 2.2. MP 3.3 should still work with python 2.2 if you turn on the legacy importer, but we are officially dropping 2.2 support.

The big thing with this tarball is to get test feedback on a broad range of platforms for: ./configure; make; sudo make install; make check

If you have any of your own applications you'd like to test... so much the better.


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