Jim Gallacher wrote:
Jorey Bump wrote:

I've installed it on a lightly used production server so I can test it against some real-world apps. Initial testing indicates that it's 10-20% slower than 3.2.10; I'm not sure why.

Ouch. Is that from a benchmark or just a gut feeling?

It was from ab, running against my own handler and consistently getting 950+ requests/sec with 3.2.10. Then I stopped apache, installed 3.3, started apache, and got no more than 850 requests/sec or worse.

I took it on faith that nothing could have changed in the environment in the meantime, but I just switched back to 3.2.10 and am still experiencing the lower numbers, so this is unlikely to be a mod_python problem.

Moral: Don't trust benchmarks, and don't report the results without exhaustive testing.

The sad part is that I want to know what caused the earlier performance boost so I can get it back!

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