The edit you suggested for the PythonImport test:

assert(map(os.path.normpath, sys.path).count(directory) == 1

works on my Win32 build.

Presumably that change would work on Linux too, yes?

Wanted to let you know.



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On 12/11/2006, at 12:18 PM, Graham Dumpleton wrote:
2) In the 'Testing PythonImport' test, the path separators in the two paths being compared are different (no doubt due to Win32 backslash vs forward slash issues)

the code does this:
   directory = os.path.dirname(__file__)
   assert(sys.path.count(directory) == 1)

os.path.dirname(__file__) is 'C:\\work\\mod_python-3.3.0- dev-20061109\\test\\htdocs'

yet sys.path has this in it 'C:/work/mod_python-3.3.0-dev-20061109/ test\\\\htdocs'

so the assert fails since the first string can't be found in sys.path (count == 0)

If in test/ you change:

        c = Container(PythonPath("[r'%s']+sys.path" % DOCUMENT_ROOT),


c = Container(PythonPath("[r'%s']+sys.path" % os.path.normpath(DOCUMENT_ROOT)),

does it pass?

On second thought, possibly better to use:

  assert(map(os.path.normpath, sys.path).count(directory) == 1)

in the htdocs/ file instead as it would be more robust.


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