I couldn't find a WinZip option that controls this. It must be a bug in its tar support, since I know it supports empty native windows directories just fine.

- Jeff
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Jeff Robbins wrote ..
re the 'subdir' directory:

I've attached a screenshot from WinZip which I used to extract the .tgz
tarball.  I sorted by directory so you can see that WinZip does not show
'subdir' directory.  Perhaps a flaw in WinZip?  In any case, I didn't
knowingly delete that directory...I only inferred it existed from reading
the test code.  Perhaps a stub file could be placed in 'subdir' to force
WinZip to see it?  I realize that this may sound like the tail wagging
dog, but I think WinZip is common on Win32 platforms.  If there's another
tool I should be using, I will comply!

It doesn't list test/modules either which is another empty directory, although I
don't know what it is for at the moment.

My guess is that you might have some option enabled in WinZIP which says
ignore empty directories.

It would seem sensible though to stick a dummy text file in subdir to make
sure it stays around if certain options to WinZIP are going to cause it to

Anyway, I'll check in the normpath change and add a dummy file for good


BTW, what about the _pspmodule issue you talked about? Not sure how you would
be able to run the tests successfully if that module wasn't being built.


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Subject: Re: mod_python 3.3.0-dev-20061109 tests on Win32

> On 12/11/2006, at 12:31 AM, Jeff Robbins wrote:
>> 3 problems found on Win32:
>> 1) _psp didn't build and I don't know how to build it
> How are you trying to build mod_python in the first place? Are you > using > dist/build_installer.bat or using VisualStudio project file. The > latter
> isn't
> really used any longer and isn't tested. We know that it doesn't list
> finfoobject.c file for a start.
>> 2) In the 'Testing PythonImport' test, the path separators in the  two
>> paths being compared are different (no doubt due to Win32  backslash
>> forward slash issues)
>> the code does this:
>>    directory = os.path.dirname(__file__)
>>    assert(sys.path.count(directory) == 1)
>> os.path.dirname(__file__) is 'C:\\work\\mod_python-3.3.0-
>> dev-20061109\\test\\htdocs'
>> yet sys.path has this in it 'C:/work/mod_python-3.3.0-dev-20061109/
>> test\\\\htdocs'
>> so the assert fails since the first string can't be found in  sys.path
>> (count == 0)
> If in test/ you change:
>         c = Container(PythonPath("[r'%s']+sys.path" % DOCUMENT_ROOT),
> to:
>         c = Container(PythonPath("[r'%s']+sys.path" %
> os.path.normpath(DOCUMENT_ROOT)),
> does it pass?
>> 3) in test_interpreter_per_directory() the code does this:
>>        rsp = self.vhost_get("test_interpreter_per_directory", '/
>> subdir/').upper()
>> interpreter+'SUBDIR/' is 'C:/WORK/MOD_PYTHON-3.3.0-DEV-20061109/
>> rsp is 'C:/WORK/MOD_PYTHON-3.3.0-DEV-20061109/TEST/HTDOCS/'
>> I don't understand the code but it looks like in the
>> interpreter() code
>> def interpreter(req):
>>    if req.phase == "PythonFixupHandler":
>>        if req.filename[-1] != '/' and os.path.isdir(req.filename):
>>            req.write(req.interpreter)
>>            return apache.DONE
>>        return apache.OK
>>    else:
>>        req.write(req.interpreter)
>>        return apache.DONE
>> perhaps the req.filename 'C:/work/mod_python-3.3.0-dev-20061109/
>> test/htdocs/subdir' is supposed to pass the os.path.isdir() >> test...but
>> it doesn't.  There is no 'subdir' folder under htdocs so  on Win32,
>> os.path.isdir() returns False.  Maybe this is an os  dependency?
> The 'subdir' directory exists in the tarball. Any chance you > accidentally
> deleted
> it somehow? Can you in a fresh directory unpack the tarball, verify
> the
> directory exists and then rebuild and retest?
> Graham

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