Hi all,

With my VP, Apache HTTP Server, pointy hat on...

Generally speaking, the goal of any Apache project is that the people
who are doing the work should also be the ones with the responsibility
for making the rules, deciding when to release, resolving their own
conflicts, inviting new committers, making infrastructure requests,
and occasionally reporting to the ASF board about all of the above.
The mod_python committers have effectively been doing that for a long
time, on their own, and with no problems apparent to my eyes.  However,
mod_python is currently an official responsibility of the HTTP Server
project, as a whole, and for me in particular to report on it.

The board is meeting on the 20th, which means I need to prepare a
report before the 18th, and one of the things I'd like to say in
that report is that the mod_python developers have decided to form
their own top-level project, with its own chair/VP, and here is the
resolution to make it happen.

Of course, I can't really do that unless that is what you actually
want me to do, so the first step is to vote:

  +1 approve requesting a mod_python TLP
   0 don't care
  -1 opposed to doing our own laundry

The vote shall be open 72 hours or until all of the mod_python
core group members have voted, whichever is earlier.

The second step is to acknowledge that, if approved, you would
like to be named as one of the PMC members of a mod_python project
in the proposed board resolution.

The third step is to please nominate one of those PMC members to
be named as the chair/VP responsible for interacting with the ASF
board.  It should be someone who is willing to listen to the board
mailing list, able to make infrastructure requests on behalf of the
project, and desiring to facilitate (not dictate) decisions to be
made by the project.  It is not a "technical lead" style of position,
though there are many technical leaders who also happen to be good
project chairs.  Feel free to nominate or un-nominate yourself.

If there is more than one nominee that wants to be chair, then
I will set up a quick vote or suitably random toss after the rest
of the resolution is determined.  Please note that the chair serves
as the representative of the board, so it is the board that actually
decides who will be chair and can replace the chair at any time,
though they usually follow the project's nomination.



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