Sorry - for technical reasons (serious home server crash) I missed this thread entirely, and for the same reason i'm lagging on the releasing mod_python that's ready to go.

I am for making mod_python a TLP, and I also support Jim's suggestion of making it more general. So a late +1.

I didn't see any suggestion of who the person interfacing with the board would be - i'd be happy to be it, as with my current schedule i'm probably only good for "administrative" tasks of this sort anyhow.

P.S. Also agree with Graham re site - but that's an issue not related to python being TLP, it's just that some day someone needs to do the work of migrating the mailing list and its archive and the site to apache infra.


On Sun, 11 Feb 2007, Roy T. Fielding wrote:

On Feb 7, 2007, at 6:47 PM, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
The vote shall be open 72 hours or until all of the mod_python
core group members have voted, whichever is earlier.

Well, I didn't get enough responses, so this will have to wait
until after folks figure out what to do next.


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