On 5/19/07, Max Bowsher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I'd also like to say I think PyPache is _bad_ name - to me, the mangling
of "Apache" is awkward and unattractive. It's also not at all obvious
(at least, outside of a strong ASF context) that "pache" relates to
"apache" - therefore, without the supporting context, I'd mentally
assign the pronunciation "pie-pash" to the name.

For those reasons, I think Quetzalcoatl, Terrarium, or even Scales
despite its lack of searchability, would be preferable over PyPache.

Ditto.  The name mangling concerns me a bit.  FWIW, the full name of
the TLP will be: "Apache <foo>" - so "Apache PyPache" doesn't roll off
the tongue very well...  -- justin

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