I am trying to participate in the discussion about PEP 467, but I'm still
kind of getting used to the mailing list.

It seems like I can either subscribe and get emails for all of the threads,
or unsubscribe and not get any emails, making me unable to reply to the
threads I want to reply to. The batched daily digest feature makes the
emails more tolerable, but ideally, I would like to only get emails for a
few specific subjects I care a lot about.

I can probably set up some archiving or filtering on my end, but I am
wondering if anyone has a way to only subscribe to certain threads, or any
general suggestions for dealing with the mailing list.

Also, I was unsubscribed for a while, when someone sent a message in the
PEP 467 thread. Is there a way to reply to messages that were sent when I
was not subscribed?
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