Matěj, thanks for the suggestion. I haven't used Usenet in over a decade. I
may try using a Usenet reader if I feel like trying something new (actually
very old, but kind of unfamiliar to me from being not fresh in my head),
but for now, I'm going to use Gmail's filtering so I can prevent the
python-dev messages from being mixed with the other stuff in my inbox. If
that is somehow not good enough for me, after taking a few days or weeks to
get used to it, then I will try other ways of dealing with it.

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 10:08 PM, Matěj Cepl <> wrote:

> On 2018-03-03, 02:15 GMT, Elias Zamaria wrote:
> > It seems like I can either subscribe and get emails for all of
> > the threads, or unsubscribe and not get any emails, making me
> > unable to reply to the threads I want to reply to.
> Go to in the
> last input box fill in your email, and click on [Unsubscribe or
> edit options]. On the next page fill-in your password (you get
> it every month in email), and on the settings page switch “Mail
> delivery” to “Disabled”.
> You will not get any message from the list, but you will be
> still subscribed, so you can post to the list.
> Then open your NNTP newsreader
> ( (you use
> one, right? It is the only sensible way how to deal with the
> large community lists) and subscribe to
> nntp:// . You will have
> all advantages of newsreader (killfile, easy ignoring whole
> threads at once) in the comfort of your computer, perhaps even
> in the offline state.
> If you don’t want to go all that length, just use email program
> which can kill threads (e.g., Thunderbird
> )
> Best,
> Matěj
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