In, I have proposed considering deprecation 
for the cmd module:

"The cmd module in the standard library has languished for many years.  In the 
mean time, third-party replacements for it have arisen.  Perhaps the most 
popular is cmd2 which seems to be actively maintained, provides upward 
compatibility from cmd along with many desirable new features, and is 
permissively licensed.

I suggest we consider at a minimum adding a "See also:" note referencing cmd2 
to the cmd documentation in the Standard Library document, similar to what we 
do for the third-party "requests" module in the "urllib.request" documentation.

We could be even bolder and officially deprecate "cmd" and consider closing 
open enhancement issues for it on b.p.o."

What triggered this suggestion is that Oz Tiram opened an enhancement request 
for cmd with suggested code ( that 
implements a feature already in cmd2.  As I replied there, it seems to me to be 
almost a disservice to our users to add piecemeal enhancements to cmd at this 
point when it is essentially unmaintained and a superior alternative exists - 
that's assuming a core developer stepped up to shepherd the proposed change.

I don't have a strong feeling one way or another about the change but I think 
this might be one instance where we can and should make a decision to 
prioritize our limited volunteer resources and acknowledge the current state of 
affairs re cmd.  We've done similar things with other standard library modules 
in the past.

If you have an opinion about either recommending cmd2 in the cmd docs and/or 
deprecating cmd in 3.8, please comment on


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