I wonder if it's useful to update the cgitb module, in particular the
html output.
I see some possible improvements:

1. In both text and html versions:

When a module is called, there are no parameters (displayed as '()'). I
think they are unnecessary. Perhaps the parentheses should be removed?
Perhaps it's better to keep them for backward compatibility?

### example for the text version ###
$ python3 demo.py
 /home/stephane/src/cgitest/demo.py in <module>()
    7 def func1(a, b):
### end of example ###

2. In html version only:
 a. If the executed code is in <module>: in this case, it is not shown
in the html version because the square brackets are interpreted as a
html tag (see the picture in attachement).
 b. Update the style of the html or/and using html5. It would be
prettier but it will be a big change for probably too few benefits.

What do you think about them? I can report bugs and send pull-requests
for them but I would prefer to get feedbacks before.


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