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>> 2. I hadn't really thought of the PEP in those terms. Now that you've
>> mentioned it, "Python has never before had syntax that assigns names
>> from within an expression" is quite a significant change, and one the
>> PEP needs to examine the implications of. It's mostly been covered in
>> the discussions by now, of course.
> Depending on your definition of "assignment", a lambda function could
> count as a means of assigning a variable in a subexpression. But yes,
> there is no convenient way to assign to something in a wider scope.

We used to sort of have one (Python 2 list comprehensions), and the
behaviour was sufficiently unpopular that Py3 introduced an implicitly
nested scope to keep the iteration variable name from leaking :)

That history is a non-trivial part of why I advocated more strongly
for the original sublocal scoping version of the proposal: with
tighter lexical scoping for expression level assignments, I think we'd
be able to avoid most of the downsides that come from reinstating the
ability for expressions to bind and rebind names.

However, given how those original discussions went, I now think the
only way that option might be successfully pitched to people would be
to propose a statement-level variant of it first (perhaps in the form
of a heavily revised variant of PEP 3150's given clause), and then
only propose "expression level name binding with implicit sublocal
scopes" after the semantics of sublocal scoping were already
established elsewhere.


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