Greetings list,

I am not some wizard Py programmer, but a learner and the threads are a
shame to the Python community. When i subscribed i really expected the list
to be technical but i guess i read wrong. Do they build the Python
community, making folks more encouraged to contribute to CPython?

The community point is a factor which allowed us to stand out across tech
stack groups in our own country but if upstream the situation is
unfavourable i fear it will make Python lose one of it's greatest allies.

Kind Regards,

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer


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On Mon, 6 Jul 2020, 09:46 Christian Heimes, <> wrote:

> Y'all,
> trigger warning: strong opinion
> The Urban Dictionary defines the term "tire fire":
>   A horrifying mess, either literally or figuratively
>   foul-smelling, that seems to last forever.
> The term describes my current view of python-dev perfectly. It has
> always been a problematic and mentally draining place for, sometimes
> even toxic. But the recent PEP-8 discussion trumps every past incident
> (reference to US politics intended).
> To every person still replying on the PEP-8 thread:
>   You are making us sick and should be ashamed of yourself!
> And I don't mean 'sick' in the figurative sense. You are literally
> hurting people who are spending their free and personal time to develop
> open source software for you. I know of at least three cases among
> Python core developers with symptoms like sleep disorder, tremor,
> anxiety, and panic attacks. One core dev wrote publicly that they were
> forced to take psychotropic medicine to counter a panic attack after
> they have read just a few messages.
> At one point I have even considered to retire from Python core
> development completely. I'm profoundly disgusted and appalled by the
> racist attitudes and self-importance of some people as well as an
> unrelated incident on BPO last week. The two reasons I'm not leaving are
>  several core developers that I'm happy to call friends and Python
> communities beyond predominantly male and Western participants on the
> PEP-8 thread. Communities like PyLadies, PyCon Africa, PyLATAM, and
> PyCon APAC make me proud and happy to be a member of the Python
> community. I have met fantastic people at Python and OSS events in the
> Caribbean, India, and East Europe. I don't want to abandon people I
> cherish and grew fond of.
> At least one other core developer has abandoned python-dev last week.
> Others have stopped participating and posting on python-dev years ago. I
> will follow their example now.
> Goodbye
> Christian
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