trigger warning: strong opinion

The Urban Dictionary defines the term "tire fire":

  A horrifying mess, either literally or figuratively
  foul-smelling, that seems to last forever.

The term describes my current view of python-dev perfectly. It has
always been a problematic and mentally draining place for, sometimes
even toxic. But the recent PEP-8 discussion trumps every past incident
(reference to US politics intended).

To every person still replying on the PEP-8 thread:

  You are making us sick and should be ashamed of yourself!

And I don't mean 'sick' in the figurative sense. You are literally
hurting people who are spending their free and personal time to develop
open source software for you. I know of at least three cases among
Python core developers with symptoms like sleep disorder, tremor,
anxiety, and panic attacks. One core dev wrote publicly that they were
forced to take psychotropic medicine to counter a panic attack after
they have read just a few messages.

At one point I have even considered to retire from Python core
development completely. I'm profoundly disgusted and appalled by the
racist attitudes and self-importance of some people as well as an
unrelated incident on BPO last week. The two reasons I'm not leaving are
 several core developers that I'm happy to call friends and Python
communities beyond predominantly male and Western participants on the
PEP-8 thread. Communities like PyLadies, PyCon Africa, PyLATAM, and
PyCon APAC make me proud and happy to be a member of the Python
community. I have met fantastic people at Python and OSS events in the
Caribbean, India, and East Europe. I don't want to abandon people I
cherish and grew fond of.

At least one other core developer has abandoned python-dev last week.
Others have stopped participating and posting on python-dev years ago. I
will follow their example now.

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