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> >> Pattern matching is complimentary to the object-oriented
> >> paradigm.  
> >   
> That looks like a mistake to me; it should be "complementary".

This way or that, my point is that even the word "orthogonal" wouldn't
give it fairness in that context. It should have gone straight to
"conflicting", to raise the alertness level to the somewhat-hard on the
perception matters which (eventually, a dozen or so headings below)
follow. Then maybe there wouldn't be surprises several months later like
"Oh really, 'case Point(x=a, y=b):' assigns to a and b??77"

(Only maybe, perception is hard thing to play with. Though I truly
believe that people would pick it up subconsciously quickly enough,
after making a few mistakes. Then again, that's why I propose for
consideration an option to write it `case Point(x = >a, y = >b):`, to
cut mistakes to ~0).


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