Tony Meyer schrieb:
> ISTM that there is value in submitting a patch (including tests and 
> documentation, and making appropriate comment in related patches), even 
> if that is all that is done (i.e. no follow-up). 

That's certainly, absolutely, true. It's also true that there are very
many kinds of different contributions, e.g. a bug report is a
contribution, too. However, some contributions bring the project forward 
more than others, e.g. a patch often brings it further along than a
bug report, and a patch contributor willing to rework the patch brings
it further along than a contributor that "just" drops the patch into
the tracker (after developing it first, of course).

Given that we are not able to process all contributions, we clearly have
to make choices what contributions to look at, and what contributions to
ignore. This, unfortunately, means that some patches get rejected just
because neither the submitter nor any of the reviewers is willing to
complete it, if it is incomplete at the time of submission.


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