2010/1/31 Nick Coghlan <ncogh...@gmail.com>:

>> Can't a VCS be configured to ignore a .pyr directory just as easily as
>> it can be configured to ignore a .pyc file?
> Yes they can.

Of course they can, but not out of the box. It was just an example off
the top of my head.

A trickier case: My GUI app offers scripting facilities. The
associated open file dialog hides all .pyc files, and users select
just from .py files. if subfolders are introduced, however, they can't
be hidden away as easily. Filtering by extension is standard
functionality in all GUI toolkits. Hiding a fraction of subfolders is

The point is that creating large amounts of subfolders goes against
the expectations that python (and pretty much any other program for
that matter) has established. If it's possible to keep in line with
those expectations, it should at least be considered, given that
existing programs could continue to work without needing to change

If the decision is made that folders will be used (for x y z reason),
then great care should be taken to make the change as minimally
invasive as possible.

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