Ben Finney wrote:
> Nick Coghlan <> writes:
>> It won't be cluttered with subfolders - you will have at most one .pyr
>> per source .py file.
> If that doesn't meet your threshold of “cluttered with subfolders”, I'm
> at a loss for words to think where that threshold might be. It meets,
> and exceeds by a long shot, my threshold for subfolder clutter.
> Even adding a *single* subfolder in arbitrary directories is an
> obnoxious act for a program to do automatically, and is not to be
> undertaken lightly. It might be justified in this case, but that doesn't
> mean we should open the gates to even more clutter.

I think our key difference of opinion on this point is that I don't see
any significant difference between cluttering a directory with
automatically created files (which Python has done for years) and
cluttering it with automatically created folders (which the PEP proposes).

In this particular case, I actually see it as something an improvement,
given that the proposed number of folders is half the maximum number of
files that may currently be generated.

However, a question the PEP should consider is whether or not these
folders should be given an initial dot in their filenames as well as
being explicitly flagged as hidden on filesystems that support that


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