It's been a long time!

So for the past few weeks, Mercurial crew member Patrick Mezard has
been hunting for the ugly bug in hgsubversion that I'd previously been
looking at, and it finally got fixed. A new bug popped up, but then we
managed to fix that, too (thanks to the PSF for partially funding our
sprint, it was very succesful!). In a joyous moment, I nagged Augie
Fackler to actually put a hgsubversion release out there so hopefully
more people can start using it, so we now have that, too. Another
sponsor for our sprint was Logilab (who provided their brand new
office for us to work in), and one of their employees, Andre Espaze,
fortunately wanted to help out and managed to write up a patch for the
sys.mercurial attribute (now in the pymigr repo).

In fact, a few weeks ago I talked to Brett and we figured that we
should probably pin down a deadline. We discussed aiming at May 1, and
at this time I think that should be feasible. That also seems to
coincide with the release of 2.7b2, though, so maybe we need to do it
one week later (or sooner?). Anyway, we figured that a weekend would
probably be a good time. If we manage to find a good date, I'll put it
in the PEP.

As for the current state of The Dreaded EOL Issue, there is an
extension which seems to be provide all the needed features, but it
appears there are some nasty corner cases still to be fixed. Martin
Geisler has been working on it over the sprint, but I think there's
more work to be done here. Anyone who wants to jump in would be quite
welcome (maybe Martin will clarify here what exactly the remaining
issues are).

The current version of the repository (latest SVN revision is 78055,
clone it from weighs in at about 1.4G, but still needs
branch pruning (which will be my primary focus for the coming few
weeks). The good part about it now being a year later than, well, last
year is that named branches are much more solid than before, and so I
feel much better about using those for Python's release branches.

Any questions and/or concerns?

I will also be at PyCon; I'll be doing a more advanced talk on
Mercurial internals on Sunday but I'd also be happy to do some
handholding or introductory stuff in an open space. If there's anyone
who'd like help converting their SVN repository, I might be able to
help there too (during the sprints). For other conversions, I know for
a fact that an expert in CVS conversions will be there.


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