2010/2/7 Dirkjan Ochtman <dirk...@ochtman.nl>:
> It's been a long time!

Thank you very much for staying on this task! I'm still excited.

> In fact, a few weeks ago I talked to Brett and we figured that we
> should probably pin down a deadline. We discussed aiming at May 1, and
> at this time I think that should be feasible. That also seems to
> coincide with the release of 2.7b2, though, so maybe we need to do it
> one week later (or sooner?). Anyway, we figured that a weekend would
> probably be a good time. If we manage to find a good date, I'll put it
> in the PEP.

How about a week after, so we have more time to adjust release procedures?

> Any questions and/or concerns?

Will you do test conversions of the sandbox projects, too?

Also I think we should have some document (perhaps the dev FAQ)
explaining exactly how to do common tasks in mercurial. For example
- A bug fix, which needs to be in 4 branches.
- A bug fix, which only belongs in 2.7 and 2.6 or 3.2 and 3.1.
- Which way do we merge (What's a subset of what?)

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