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> To follow up on some of the open issues:
> On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 2:27 PM, Collin Winter <collinwin...@google.com> 
> wrote:
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>> Open Issues
>> ===========
>> - *Code review policy for the ``py3k-jit`` branch.* How does the CPython
>>  community want us to procede with respect to checkins on the ``py3k-jit``
>>  branch? Pre-commit reviews? Post-commit reviews?
>>  Unladen Swallow has enforced pre-commit reviews in our trunk, but we realize
>>  this may lead to long review/checkin cycles in a purely-volunteer
>>  organization. We would like a non-Google-affiliated member of the CPython
>>  development team to review our work for correctness and compatibility, but 
>> we
>>  realize this may not be possible for every commit.
> The feedback we've gotten so far is that at most, only larger, more
> critical commits should be sent for review, while most commits can
> just go into the branch. Is that broadly agreeable to python-dev?
>> - *How to link LLVM.* Should we change LLVM to better support shared linking,
>>  and then use shared linking to link the parts of it we need into CPython?
> The consensus has been that we should link shared against LLVM.
> Jeffrey Yasskin is now working on this in upstream LLVM. We are
> tracking this at
> http://code.google.com/p/unladen-swallow/issues/detail?id=130 and
> http://llvm.org/PR3201.
>> - *Prioritization of remaining issues.* We would like input from the CPython
>>  development team on how to prioritize the remaining issues in the Unladen
>>  Swallow codebase. Some issues like memory usage are obviously critical 
>> before
>>  merger with ``py3k``, but others may fall into a "nice to have" category 
>> that
>>  could be kept for resolution into a future CPython 3.x release.
> The big-ticket items here are what we expected: reducing memory usage
> and startup time. We also need to improve profiling options, both for
> oProfile and cProfile.
>> - *Create a C++ style guide.* Should PEP 7 be extended to include C++, or
>>  should a separate C++ style PEP be created? Unladen Swallow maintains its 
>> own
>>  style guide [#us-styleguide]_, which may serve as a starting point; the
>>  Unladen Swallow style guide is based on both LLVM's [#llvm-styleguide]_ and
>>  Google's [#google-styleguide]_ C++ style guides.
> Any thoughts on a CPython C++ style guide? My personal preference
> would be to extend PEP 7 to cover C++ by taking elements from
> http://code.google.com/p/unladen-swallow/wiki/StyleGuide and the LLVM
> and Google style guides (which is how we've been developing Unladen
> Swallow). If that's broadly agreeable, Jeffrey and I will work on a
> patch to PEP 7.

I have found the Google C++ style guide good so I am fine with taking
ideas from that and adding them to PEP 7.


> Thanks,
> Collin Winter
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