2016-02-07 9:22 GMT+01:00 Stefan Behnel <stefan...@behnel.de>:
> Note that the PyObject_Malloc() functions have never been documented.

Yeah, there is an old bug to track this:

> And, for example, the "what's new in 2.5" document says:
> """
> Python’s API has many different functions for allocating memory that are
> grouped into families. For example, PyMem_Malloc(), PyMem_Realloc(), and
> PyMem_Free() are one family that allocates raw memory, while
> PyObject_Malloc(), PyObject_Realloc(), and PyObject_Free() are another
> family that’s supposed to be used for creating Python objects.
> """
> I don't think there are many extensions out there in which *object* memory
> gets allocated manually, which implicitly puts a pretty clear "don't use"
> marker on these functions.

Should I understand that it's another good reason to make
PyMem_Malloc() faster for everyone?

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