On 14 March 2016 at 13:04, Gregory P. Smith <g...@krypto.org> wrote:
> They should not be regenerated every build, if they are, that seems like a
> bug in the makefile to me (or else the timestamp checks that make does vs
> how your code checkout happened).  Having them checked in is convenient for
> cross builds as it is one less thing that needs a build-host-arch build.

It's also two less things to go wrong for folks just wanting to work
on the 99.9% of CPython that is neither the Grammar file nor

I'm trying to remember the problem I was solving in making
freezeimportlib.o explicitly depend on the Makefile (while cursing
past me for not writing it down in the commit message), and I think
the issue was that it wasn't correctly picking up changes to the
builtin module list. If that's right, then fixing the dependency to be
on "$(srcdir)/Makefile.pre.in" instead of the generated Makefile
should keep it from getting confused in the cross-compilation
scenario, and also restore the behaviour of using the checked in copy
rather than rebuilding it just because you ran "./configure".


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