On 15 March 2016 at 10:49, Martin Panter <vadmium...@gmail.com> wrote:
> One more idea I am considering is to decouple the makefile rules from
> the main build. So to update the generated files you would have to run
> a separate command like “make graminit” or “make frozen”. The normal
> build would never regenerate them; although perhaps it could still
> result in an error or warning if they appear out of date.

Some of them used to work that way and it's an incredible PITA when
you actually *are* working on one of the affected bits of the
interpreter - working on those parts is rare, so if there are special
cases to remember, you can pretty much guarantee we'll have forgotten
them by the time we work on that piece again.

However, it would be worth reviewing the explicit dependencies on
"Makefile" and see whether they could be replaced by dependencies on
Makefile.pre.in instead. I'm confident that will work just fine for
the importlib bootstrapping, and I suspect it will work for the other
pregenerated-and-checked-in files as well.


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