On 16.03.16 08:34, Glenn Linderman wrote:
 From the PEP 263:

More precisely, the first or second line must match the regular
    expression "coding[:=]\s*([-\w.]+)". The first group of this
    expression is then interpreted as encoding name. If the encoding
    is unknown to Python, an error is raised during compilation. There
    must not be any Python statement on the line that contains the
    encoding declaration.

Clearly the regular expression would only match the first of multiple
cookies on the same line, so the first one should always win... but
there should only be one, from the first PEP quote "a magic comment".

"The first group of this expression" means the first regular expression group. Only the part between parenthesis "([-\w.]+)" is interpreted as encoding name, not all expression.

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