pdb is fine for pure python scripts.

I was interested in things like getting the python back trace or local 
variables from inside GDB, when used in conjunction with c++, so that I know 
which parts of C++ calls python functions, and which parts of python call c++ 
functions. You can't do that with pdb.

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Hi Alexandru,

I stumbled over this question a little late by chance.

There is the possibility to use GDB, but it is most likely that you want to use 
python's pdb module, instead.

Only in rare cases, when debugging the interpreter itself, you use gdb. For 
debugging Python code, use pdb or something better.

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On Jul 6, 2016, at 18:14, Alexandru Croitor 
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I'm interested to find out if debugging Python scripts with GDB is supported on 
OSX at all?

I'm referring to the functionality described on 
https://wiki.python.org/moin/DebuggingWithGdb and on 

I've tried so far various combinations of pre-compiled GDB from the homebrew 
package manager, locally-compiled GDB from homebrew, as well as locally 
compiled GDB from MacPorts, together with a pre-compiled Python 2.7, 
homebrew-compiled 2.7, and custom compiled Python 2.7 from the official source 

My results so far were not successful. The legacy GDB commands to show a python 
stack trace or the local variables - do not work. And the new GDB commands 
(referenced on the Fedora project page) are not present at all in any of the 
GDB versions.

I've checked the python CI build bot tests, and it seems the new GDB commands 
are only successfully tested on Linux machines, and are skipped on FreeBSD, OS 
X, and Solaris machines.

Are the new python <-> GDB commands specific to Linux?
Are there any considerations to take in regards to debug symbols for Python / 

Has anyone attempted what I'm trying to do?

I would be grateful for any advice.

And I apologize if my choice of the mailing lists is not the best.

Regards, Alex.

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