On Friday, October 14, 2016, Alexandru Croitor <alexandru.croi...@qt.io>

> Hi,
> pdb is fine for pure python scripts.
> I was interested in things like getting the python back trace or local
> variables from inside GDB, when used in conjunction with c++, so that I
> know which parts of C++ calls python functions, and which parts of python
> call c++ functions. You can't do that with pdb.

>From https://westurner.org/wiki/awesome-python-testing#advanced-debugging :

- https://hg.python.org/cpython/file/tip/Tools/gdb/libpython.py

- https://github.com/lmacken/pyrasite/blob/develop/README.rst mentions
something about codesigned GDB and OSX.
 - https://sourceware.org/gdb/wiki/BuildingOnDarwin

- https://github.com/google/pyringe doesnt mention OSX.

- dtrace probably doesn't help with stack traces or local variables:

Are there error messages?

> On 13 Oct 2016, at 19:12, Christian Tismer <tis...@stackless.com
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> Hi Alexandru,
> I stumbled over this question a little late by chance.
> There is the possibility to use GDB, but it is most likely that you want
> to use python's pdb module, instead.
> Only in rare cases, when debugging the interpreter itself, you use gdb.
> For debugging Python code, use pdb or something better.
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> On Jul 6, 2016, at 18:14, Alexandru Croitor <alexandru.croi...@qt.io
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> Hello,
> I'm interested to find out if debugging Python scripts with GDB is
> supported on OSX at all?
> I'm referring to the functionality described on https://wiki.python.org/
> moin/DebuggingWithGdb and on http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/
> EasierPythonDebugging.
> I've tried so far various combinations of pre-compiled GDB from the
> homebrew package manager, locally-compiled GDB from homebrew, as well as
> locally compiled GDB from MacPorts, together with a pre-compiled Python
> 2.7, homebrew-compiled 2.7, and custom compiled Python 2.7 from the
> official source tarball.
> My results so far were not successful. The legacy GDB commands to show a
> python stack trace or the local variables - do not work. And the new GDB
> commands (referenced on the Fedora project page) are not present at all in
> any of the GDB versions.
> I've checked the python CI build bot tests, and it seems the new GDB
> commands are only successfully tested on Linux machines, and are skipped on
> FreeBSD, OS X, and Solaris machines.
> Are the new python <-> GDB commands specific to Linux?
> Are there any considerations to take in regards to debug symbols for
> Python / GDB on OSX?
> Has anyone attempted what I'm trying to do?
> I would be grateful for any advice.
> And I apologize if my choice of the mailing lists is not the best.
> Regards, Alex.
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