On 2.3.2018 16:23, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
On Fri, Mar 02, 2018 at 10:36:36AM +0100, Miro Hrončok wrote:
Hello Pythonistas,

I've prepared a draft for Python packaging that introduces some new
macros that should ease packaging for Fedoras, EPELs and even
potential new RHELs, when it comes to python stacks.

I don't do much ifs in specfiles and prefer to leverage git branches
for this, so I don't know what bothers you most. The proposal with
example spec file is at:


All you have to do to test it, is add the following block to your
spec (that won't be needed once this is actually implemented):

     %if 0%{?fedora}
     %global py3_must 1
     %global py3_may 1
     %global py2_may 1

     %if 0%{?rhel} &&  0%{?rhel} <= 7
     %global py3_may 1
     %global py2_may 1

     %if 0%{?rhel} > 7
     ... (use your best judgment here)

Could you please provide feedback? Ask questions?

There is a note at the bottom of the draft about how you could
possibly start dropping Python 2 subpackages from Fedora.

Thanks for doing this, it is much needed.

I'm not really convinced by the *_may macros.  If I've gone to the
trouble of getting the subpackage snippets correct for both of python2
& python3, why wouldn't I just enable them in all possible situations?
I can't see a situation where we've got possible subpackages but we
don't want to build them (except for where python2/3 is not available
in the distro and so they can't be built).

You might want to remove python2 subpackage from Fedora because it's not needed by anything. Ultimately, removing leaf python2 subpackages is also our goal. If we only provide a macro that says "it is possible", people will keep using it until judgment day.

Miro Hrončok
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