>>>>> "MH" == Miro Hrončok <mhron...@redhat.com> writes:

MH> I expect it to be called for both 2 and 3 unconditionally. Hiding
MH> the condition in the maro makes things too magical for me.

I don't think that stance holds up well as we increasingly hide things
in macros and will continue to hide even more.  (I'd like to see even
more hidden with macros, up to having whole classes of specfiles
completely generated by macros.)

And I can certainly understand the git branch thing, but if we
universally adopt and integrate %{with python3} as the conditional and
you're manually passing --without python3 then why would you really want
%py3_build to be executed unconditionally?  The principle of least
surprise would suggest that it isn't executed.

 - J<
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