OK, I didn't know that option. Thanks.

May I suggest adding a notice to the Windows Python Installer alerting to use py instead of python and py -m pip instead of pip (only if the user doesn't choose the option to add it to the path, of course)?

On the other hand, maybe instead of a pip symlink, could it be a pip executable that uses the same logic as py launcher to find the correct pip?

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On 17-09-2016 12:10, Paul Moore wrote:
On 17 September 2016 at 11:55, João Matos <jcrma...@gmail.com> wrote:
If Py3.5 is installed in user mode instead of admin (all users) and we
follow your advice that we shouldn't add it to the PATH env var, we can
execute Python using the py launcher, but we can't use pip.
Please consider adding a pip symlink in the same location as the py launcher
One problem with this is that the py launcher can handle multiple
versions of Python installed on the same machine, which the pip
executable can't.

To launch pip without having the Python directory on PATH, you can use
"py -m pip". It's not quite as convenient as plain "pip", but it
avoids the "which version?" problem.

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