On 19 September 2016 at 18:20, אלעזר <elaz...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Obviously
>     from __pip__ import "run-lambda>=0.1.0"

If we were going to go down this route (which I'm not at all convinced
we should) it should be "from __pypi__ import" not "from __pip__
import" (as PyPI is where the code is coming from, not pip...)

With importlib, it would probably be perfectly possible to write a
module loader that worked like this. Of course, it's not accessible
until you manually install it (with pip) and activate it, but for a
prototype that demonstrates how the final version would work, and to
thrash out how the various corner cases would be handled, that's a
perfectly acceptable compromise. If the design of a 3rd-party
implementation looks clean and useful, it would be much easier to
debate whether it belongs in the stdlib (if for no other reason than
the fact that many of the "how would X work" questions could be
answered by reference to the prototype).

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