On 13.10.2016 16:10, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 10:37:35AM +0200, Sven R. Kunze wrote:
Multiplication with only a single argument? Come on.
You didn't say anything about a single argument. Your exact words are
shown above: "where have I seen * so far?". I'm pretty sure you've seen
* used for multiplication. I also could have mentioned regexes, globs,
and exponentiation.

I cannot respond to your intended meaning, only to what you actually
write. Don't blame the reader if you failed to communicate clearly and
were misunderstood.

Steven, please. You seemed to struggle to understand the notion of the [*....] construct and many people (not just me) here tried their best to explain their intuition to you. But now it seems you don't even try to come behind the idea and instead try hard not to understand the help offered. If you don't want help or don't really want to understand the proposal, that's fine but please, do us a favor and don't divert the thread with nitpicking nonsensical details (like multiplication) and waste everybody's time.

The context of the proposal is about lists/dicts and the */** unpacking syntax. So, I actually expect you to put every post here into this very context. Discussions without context don't make much sense. So, I won't reply further.

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