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@Chris @Rohdri (@Jonathan below)

For morons like me who didn't know what "top-posting" was, I went on Wikipedia

You looked it up and researched it, so definitely NOT a moron.  ;)

I think newcomers to mailing list aren't supposed to know all those "de facto 
standard" (they never used mailing list
before ? And I'm 25 years old, not 12), so please don't tell "our mail client is 
bad, get a new one", I'm using gmail on
Android and gmail on Google.com, that's like, very standard.

Standard, maybe.  Good for basic email discussion, nevermind mailing lists?  
Nope  (My humble opinion, of course.)

But if you have other mail clients to suggest me, to configure my user 
interface, feel free to help me, but they will
always be people not knowing these good mailing practice (is using html mail a 
bad practice too ? It used to be).

The Python mailing lists are plain-text, so html-mail is not great.

That's why moving to MM3 so that newcomers can use tool a bit more familiar 
like a forum and will not make the same
"mistakes" (top posting, reply only to sender...) over and over again is a good 
thing. As someone said in their mail
comparing web-based to mail, mailing needs configuration.

Most things worth using require configuration/customization (cars, kitchens, 
and definitely software).

Thanks for persevering!

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