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>> And please, don't top-post. Again, if your mail client encourages top
>> posting, either override it, or get a better one.
> @Chris @Rohdri (@Jonathan below)
> For morons like me who didn't know what "top-posting" was, I went on
> Wikipedia (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posting_style).

As Ethan says, not a moron. (Though the way he put it, he sounded like
Wheatley... and if you don't know what I'm talking about, check out
Portal and Portal 2, they're games well worth playing.) One of the
beauties of text is that it's easy to research; if someone drops a
term like "top-posting", you key that into your search engine, and
voila, extra information. This is another advantage of separate
standards and common conventions. Everything works with everything
else, because it is simple and because nobody has to do everything
themselves. How do you use git to manage your CPython source tree?
It's exactly the same as using git for anything else, so you don't
need Python-specific information, just git-specific information. How
do you use a mailing list to discuss proposed language changes in
Python? Again, it's generic stuff about mailing lists, so you don't
need anything from Python. This is why we work with open standards.
Email and mailing lists are an important part of this.

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