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> On Fri, Apr 06, 2018 at 08:06:45AM -0700, Guido van Rossum wrote:
>> Please join the PEP 572 discussion. The strongest contender currently is `a
>> := f()` and for good reasons.
> Where has that discussion moved to? The threads on python-ideas seem to
> have gone quiet, and the last I heard you said that you, Chris and Nick
> were discussing some issues privately.

Yeah, there were some intersecting questions between "What's
technically feasible in CPython?" and "What stands even a remote
chance of being accepted as a language change?" that Guido wanted to
feed into the next iteration on the PEP, but were getting lost in the
"Class scopes do what now?" subthreads on here.

The next PEP update will have a lot more details on the related
rationale, but the gist of what's going to change at the semantic
level is:

* the notion of hidden sublocal scopes is going away, so folks will
need to use "del" or nested scopes to avoid unwanted name bindings at
class and module scope (similar to iteration variables in for loops),
but the proposed feature should be much easier to explain conceptually
* comprehensions and generator expressions will switch to eagerly
capturing referenced names from the scope where they're defined in
order to eliminate most of their current class body scoping quirks
(this does introduce some new name resolution quirks related to
comprehensions-inside-regular-loops, but they'll at least be
consistent across different scope types)
* as a result of the name capturing change, the evaluation of the
outermost expression in comprehensions and generator expressions can
be moved inside the nested scope (so any name bindings there won't
leak either)

(At a syntactic level, the proposed spelling will also be switching to
"name := expr")

There will still be plenty of open design questions to discuss from
that point, but it's a big enough shift from the previous draft that
it makes sense to wait until Chris has a sufficiently complete
reference implementation for the revised semantics to be confident
that we can make things work the way the revised PEP proposes.


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