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Care to repeat those arguments?


*Minimal use of characters*

Terseness is not necessarily a virtue.  While it's good not to be needlessly verbose, Python is not Perl and we are not trying to do everything on one line.  Overly terse code is much less readable, as all the obfustication competitions demonstrate.  I'm afraid I count this one *against* your proposal.

*Thoughts on odd usage of "!"*

In the English language, `!` signifies an exclamation, and I am
imagining a similar usage to that of introducing something by its name
in an energetic way. For example a boxer walking in to the ring:

"Muhammed_Ali! <in walks Muhammed Ali>", "x! get_x()"

I'm afraid that's a very personal interpretation.  In particular, '!' normally ends a sentence very firmly, so expecting the expression to carry on is a little counter-intuitive.  For me, my expectations of '!' run roughly as:

   * factorial (from my maths degree)
  * array dereference (because I am old: a!2 was the equivalent of a[2] in BCPL)
   * an exclamation, much overused in writing
   * the author was bitten by Yahoo! at an early age.

Also logical negation in C-like languages, of course. Sorry, I'm a bit sleep-deprived this morning.

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