On 2018-05-19 06:41, Steven D'Aprano wrote:
TypeScript (2012)
- a strict superset of Javascript, including assignment expressions

Hack (2014)
- a (not quite full) superset of PHP, including assignment expressions

Overall your list is fair, and you're right that more languages could be considered. However, you also argued elsewhere in this thread that Go had an unpythonic design so we shouldn't put too much weight on what it does. Given that, I think it's fair to add that, in my opinion, JavaScript and PHP are abysmally designed languages, so we should put little weight on any precedent they set.

What would be nice is to know how much people like these various languages, and how productive people are with these languages, and then correlate that with their various features. However, as discussed on another thread, getting hard data about such matters is not easy.

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